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What is a shade sail ?

A shade sail is a modern solution designed to create shade and to protect you and your loved ones from the sun's harmful UV rays.

The modern shade sails were developed in Austrlia in the 1960s. Essentially a flexible membrane tensioned between several anchor points, the shade sail is loosely based on a ships sail, hence its name. Hung horizontally between fixing points, the shade sail is used to create a shaded area underneath the canvass rather than to catch the wind, the basic design concept of a ships sail. As a large canvas structures, a shade sail will be affected by any strong winds and the larger the area of the shade sail, the greater these forces will be. For this reason shade sails need to be installed under tension, with the curved sides of a shade sail specifically designed to allow tension to be applied along the perimeter.

Depending on the climate, a shade sail may be installed all year round (permanent) or removed during the winter monther months (semi-permanent). In countries such as Australia and south Africa, shade sails are generally installed permanently, but in many parts of Europe they are removed during the winter. This is for two pricipal reasons. Firstly in case of snow. If snow accumulates on the shade sail then thee weight of the snow can damage the shade sail or the fixings. The second reason is sunlight. A shade sail is very good at blocking sunlight which in the summer is very desirable. In colder climates, however, people generally want as much sunlight as possible during the winter months and many people take down the sail for the winter to allow as much light as possible to enter their garden.

Shade sails are widespread in both residential and commercial environments. They are extensively used in shade childrens play area, to provide shade in carparks, to cover swimming pools and anywhere else where protection from the sun is needed. As well as creating shade, Australian shade sail has been specifically designed to give the maximum protection from the sun's dangerous UV. which we now know is responsible for causing most sunburn and is also the major factor affecting the risk of skin cancer.

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