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Catalogue - Fixing Kit Rectangle
(Eye Bolt)

CARREECHEVILLE, gazebo -  triangle
Price : £ 119.00
FREE Delivery if ordered with a shade sail
All taxes included
  • Accessory pack for rectangular sail shades. This kit includes all of the hardware needed to install a square or rectangular shade sail
  • All of our fixings are made from marine grade stainless steel (316). These fixings are very strong and will not rust even after years of use
  • 4 x turnbuckles
  • 4 x snap hooks
  • 4 x Eye Bolts

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Sail, Shade, uv, sun, protection, gazebo, awning, parasol, garden, triangle, rectangular, square Sail, Shade, uv, sun, protection, gazebo, awning, parasol, garden, triangle, rectangular, square

Why check the tension of your shade sail

Shade sails are designed to be installed under tension. Checking and maintaining the tension of your shade sail is crucial for several reasons, ensuring the effectiveness, safety, and longevity of the installation. Here are key reasons why it's important to regularly check the tension of your shade sail:
  • Structural Integrity:

    Proper tension ensures the structural integrity of the shade sail. It helps the fabric maintain its shape and prevents sagging or flapping in the wind. Adequate tension distributes forces evenly across the shade sail, reducing stress on individual components.

  • Aesthetic Appeal:

    Optimal tension contributes to the desired appearance of the shade sail. A taut and evenly tensioned sail looks more aesthetically pleasing than a sagging or uneven one.

  • Wind Resistance:

    Adequate tension minimizes the wind-catching effect. An overly loose shade sail can act like a sail in the wind, increasing the risk of damage and compromising safety.

  • Preventing Damage:

    Regular tension checks help identify any issues or signs of wear in the hardware or fabric before they escalate. Prevents potential damage to the shade sail fabric, stitching, and fixing points due to prolonged exposure to inadequate tension.

  • Longevity of Materials:

    Regular tension maintenance contributes to the longevity of the shade sail materials. Adequate tension helps prevent premature wear, stretching, or damage to the fabric and hardware.
Regular tension checks and adjustments should be part of routine maintenance for shade sails, especially in areas with variable weather conditions.

Turnbuckles play an important role to tension a shade sail

Turnbuckles play a crucial role in tensioning shade sails, helping to achieve the desired level of tautness and ensuring the structural integrity of the installation. Our shade sails have a strong, marine grade, stainless steel D-ring at each corner. This allows the shade sail to be fixed securely at each of the anchor points.

The turnbuckle is used to attach each corner of the shade sail to each anchor point. Before fully tensioning the shade sail, make an initial adjustment by hand to remove any slack. This step ensures that the turnbuckles are engaged, and the shade sail is approximately in the desired position. You can then start tightening the turnbuckles. Turn the central body of the turnbuckle clockwise to increase tension. Use equal turns at each corner to maintain balance.

Shade sails will stretch over time. You should therefore regularly check the tension on each turnbuckle, ensuring that the shade sail is evenly tensioned. Make adjustments as needed to achieve the desired tautness. Keep an eye on the tension of the shade sail over time. Factors such as temperature changes and wind conditions can affect tension, so periodic adjustments may be necessary.

If your location is prone to strong winds, consider slightly less tension to reduce the wind-catching effect on the shade sail.