Coolaroo Everyday Shade Sail
Rectangle 5m x 3m

CEVERREC35, parasol -  uv
Reference : CEVERREC35
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Coolaroo's Everyday range of Shade Sails have been designed using state of the art fabric to give customers the best protection against the sun's harmful UltraViolet rays, whilst creating as comfortable an environment as possible below by allowing hot air to escape upwards through the fabric while also allowing any breezes to cool those sheltering below the canapy.

The Everyday shade sail range is designed to shade small to mid-size areas. The range is available in a variety of shapes, in a variety of sizes and and in a variety of colours.

  • The knitted fabric protects those underneath from the sun's harmful Ultraviolet rays but allows hot air to escape through the fabric
  • Each fiber of the fabric has been treated to block UV rays, giving long lasting, reliable UV block of 95%
  • The fabric resists the development of mold and rot. It can be cleaned by hosing down with water (no chemicals should be used)
  • The Everyday range is made using Coolaroo's 205gsm exterior fabric. This is fade resistant and UV stabilised
  • The fabric has a 5-year manufacturers warranty against UV degradation
  • Use a fixing kit to simplify installation and removal in winter.
  • Dimensions : Rectangular shade sail 5m by 3m
Coolaroo is a part of the Gale Pacific group, the market leaders in the development of UV stabilised shade fabric. Coolaroo are one of the most popular shade sail brands in Australia, offering customers proven, long lasting UV protection which has been designed into every single fiber of their products.

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